What is roto-molding?

What is rotational molding (roto-molding)?

Rotomolding is a manufacturing process for molding plastic parts. It’s one of the oldest in plastic’s history. Raw material (in our case, powdered polyethylène) is placed in a hollow mould. Made of steel or aluminium, this mold is then closed and heated. Heat makes the plastic melt and allows it to stick onto the mold’s interior walls. Meanwhile, the mold sowly rotates around two perpendicular axes to insure even plastic thickness thourgh the part. The mold then goes through a cooling phase during which it continues to rotate. Once cooled to desired temperature, the mold is opened and the molded part removed.

What makes this transformation process stand up?

What makes rotomolding stand out from other plastic molding processes?

Rotomolding is very versatile, it allows to make single or double walled parts. It’s often used for manufacturing objects that needs to be watertight since the parts can be molded in a single piece. Since the tooling cost is low, it’s a good option for small productions. Rotomolding is recommended for parts demanding great structural resistance and for very high-volume parts. But there is also a place on the market for small rotomolded products since it’s possible to be very precise, even in parts that weigh less than 1 Kg!

Is rotational molding the answer for my project?

Is rotomolding good for my project?

Since rotomolding is very versatile, it can fit with numerous applications. There are a lot of chances that rotomolding is the answer to your manufacturing needs! Feel free to contect us so we can discuss your plans and see what can Rotek do for you!

What are the qualities of a good rototational molding company?

What makes a good rotational molder stand out?


Here at Rotek Plastic, knowledge of the process and of our raw material is our major asset. Our team combine decades of expertise in the plastic field. Whether you are concerned about design and conception, about manufacturing optimization or about mould fabrication and maintenance. We will give you custom quality service in order to meet your needs.

Why choose plastic containers instead of steel ones?

Why should I chose plastic containers over steel containers?

Plastic containers show many advantages over steel containers. They need much less maintenance since they do not rust, chip, crack of deform over time. You will never need to repair or repaint them. We use a unique polymer resin called PolytrATM which is very resistant to impact, even under -40°Celcius!! (see video) Furthermore, plastic is way quieter during pick ups and unloads.

In addition to regular waste and recycling collection, Rotek’s containers do a wonderful job for putrescible, organic or compostable waste recovery. They are also used to collect used cooking grease in many restaurants since they are watertight and they easily unload frozen waste. (see video)

Do your part for the environment! Steel containers need to be changed or repainted often causing a lot of pollution. Rotek Plastic conainers won’t need any harsh chemical treatments and they are made of 100% recyclable plastic!